£2300 Donation to Club

As a result of another successful golf season, at their recent AGM the Rabbits Section Captain (Martin Gaunt) presented Club Captain (Peter Emery) with a cheque donation for £2300. Peter expressed his own thanks and also that of the Management Committee, saying there were many thoughts to which the donation could be utilised and it would certainly make a significant contribution. A separate cheque for £142.32 was also donated to the Captain's Charities.

12th Hole Drop Zone

To avoid a player being unfairly disadvantaged by dropping out of the GUR on the 12th hole, a Drop Zone will come into play w.e.f. Saturday 15th April until further notice. The Drop Zone is in addition to the rules for normal relief and is not mandatory. Please note that a Local Rule shaIl apply as follows:

"If a player’s ball comes to rest in the GUR approaching the ditch on the right hand side of the 12th hole, in addition to normal relief options available under Rule 25-1b, a player may take relief without penalty, by dropping the ball in the Drop Zone marked DZ."

Benefits for Members

The 2017 range of benefits for members is now available.
2017 Member Benefits

Website Registration and Competition Booking

A number of new members (and indeed some existing ones) occasionally have difficulty registering via the club website, or booking competitions. If anyone has a problem in this regard then they should let the Club secretarial staff (or Richard Scott) know, in order to effect a resolution.

Login Issue on Apple Devices?

If you're using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple product typically using a Safari browser, and have problems logging into the Club Website or its integrated BRS Golf User Login page for tee bookings, then please read the following.

By default, cookies can be blocked by the Safari web browser if you've not viewed the site trying to use them before, or have subsequently cleared cookies from your stored browser history data. This means that although you enter the correct login details, login is still prevented.

Solution: On your device, go to Settings>Safari. Scroll to the Privacy and Security section and select 'Block Cookies'. Select 'Always Allow' then go back and login to the required area of the Club Website. After successful login you can return to the Safari cookie settings on your device and reset to whatever option you prefer.

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13.12.2017 08:38
The course is open with temporary greens in play owing to frost. The 12th hole is closed and the spare hole open. Thank you.
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